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“YES!!! The three loves are absolutely the best place to start.”
“You are a wonderful communicator…You get Christian Education!”
“I was so moved by the way you described love embracing every aspect of Biblical Worldview.”
“Thank you for this book.”

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Building Biblical Worldview: The Three Loves explains why and how to create and sustain great Biblical worldview and transformational teaching in all classes, for all grades.

The concepts are simple, but deep and powerful. They come from God’s Word and stand the test of time.

The Three Loves come before textbooks and systems. The can be used anywhere, anytime.

The Three Loves are foundational, relevant, and give perspective to other programs and tools.

The Three Loves bring purpose, joy, and depth to Biblical worldview in all classes, all of the time.

Three big ideas in the book: What Biblical worldview is and why it matters. The model and how it works. How to grow in love for God, for students, and for subject to make a difference in student lives.

Available in paperback and ebook. For quantity discounts write joe@rootedschools.org

Reader comments:

“If you have ever wondered what God’s Word says about how to teach, this book is a practical guide based on scripture. The Three Loves gives perspective and clarity to what is important in the classroom, as well as encouragement for those teaching in Christian education. This is a must read for all Christian educators.”

“This book is needed. Headmasters and teachers who want to re-center their schools on what truly matters will find good help here.”

 Explaining the Three Loves in Thailand.


The paperback edition is a great gift for school leaders and summer faculty reads. Or, as some schools have done, consider a semester study of the ideas with all faculty. Group discounts: 25-49 for $7.50 each, 50-99 for $6.50 each, 100 or more for $5.50 each. Shipping is also added. For discount, write joe@rootedschools.org.

Keynote at Latin America conference. 

FullSizeRenderWorkshop participants marry biblical truth with subject big ideas. This two-day inservice helped faculty put the three loves to use in their classrooms and lives. Half-day, one-day, and two-day workshops are available, in person and online.


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Joe Neff introduces Building Biblical Worldview: The Three Loves in the brief video below. If you have questions, comments, or need help, please write Joe@RootedSchools.org.