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June, 2021: “Everything this guy said is spot on. His three basic principles really express how teaching is a calling and not a job.” Amazon

March, 2018: “A must read for every Christian school administrator and teacher. It’s like coming home to where it all began. Simple yet profoundly on target.”

September 12, 2016: “Our school leadership team read this book over the summer in preparation for the school year. Many concepts were taken and incorporated into our new teacher training sessions. I highly recommend this book to other Christian School Leaders who are looking for a clear and concise model of biblical worldview training.” Amazon

August 13, 2016: “I have met Joe Neff. I have sat under his teaching. I have sensed his passion for Christ and Christian education. Joe is an authentic Christian who as been anointed with the message of this book. You will be able to read this book in one setting. And you will be changed. Christian school educators and parents MUST be discipling students through a love of the Lord, a love for the schoolchildren, and a love for subject and effective pedagogy.” Amazon.

June 7, 2016: “A must read for all involved in Christian Education.” Amazon.

An Amazon reviewer: “This book is a true gift to school administrators, teachers, and for those of us who have the privilege and honor to be a part of a Christian school, Building Biblical Worldview: The Three Loves should be a staple in our library…From a broad sense it speaks to the importance of the Calling we live out, while passionately dedicating our lives to others, and to the Lord. I utilized the book among faculty for devotions and key reminders. Thanks Joe, I look forward to reading more of your work.” March 9, 2016.

Organization Director in Guatemala: “I just learned about your new book “Building Biblical Worldview: the Three Loves” and as I read through I confirm the importance to have the teachers we serve be exposed to this powerful message.”

A principal in Florida: “I was so moved by the way you described love embracing every aspect of Biblical Worldview. Thank you for this book.”

Head of School in California: “I am enjoying reading the free kindle book I received from an email offer of yours…. Free, is not free, most of the time…. so I was leary, but I’d have to say I’ve been thrilled with your writing and plan to use part of it in an upcoming faculty meeting soon. Thanks for your work, keep it up.”

A principal in Arkansas: “You are a wonderful communicator…As I think about Christian Education….THIS IS A GREAT TOOL!  You get Christian Education! Thank you for this book.  I do mean that from every place in my heart!”

An Amazon reviewer: “If you have ever wondered what God’s Word says about how teach, this book is a practical guide based on scripture. The Three Loves gives perspective and clarity to what is important in the classroom, as well as encouragement for those teaching in Christian education. This is a must read for all Christian educators.” October 28, 2015.

Chaplain and Director in Colorado: “YES!!!!!  The three loves are absolutely the best place to start.  It must come even BEFORE we get to the HOW.”

Teacher and presenter in Panama: “I just had to come back and say thanks for the great insights in your book “Building Biblical Worldview, The Three loves”. As a Christian teacher it has really opened my vision as to what is possible and how in this type of ministry.”

“In fact, I prepared a presentation based on it and shared it with the whole faculty of my school…Not only that, but I’ve given the same presentation several times to teachers in other schools! In each, I have wholeheartedly recommend this book as an excellent resource!”

“Again, thank you for being in the place to be used by God to inspire me, and countless others no doubt in the Master’s service as Christian teachers.”

An Amazon Reviewer: “The three loves of God, student, and subject are crucial! Excellent examples. For years, these three loves are what I’ve told my teachers I expect from them and to read the additional descriptors was beneficial. I highly recommend this book!” May 22, 2016.

Business leader in the United States:  “I just wanted to say I really like what you are doing. Training, consultation and real-world advice are extremely precious in the Christian learning environment. Having gone to a Christian college right out of high school I see the value in such education…Seems to me the value of what you’re doing could have been realized drastically at a college such as mine. Anyway I really just wanted to say it looks like what you are doing is going to benefit Christian education in a big way.”

Principal after Three Loves Workshop: “It was a great PD with a topic that most teachers normally dread. Thanks for your conviction regarding the three loves. I believe it has made a vast difference in our teachers.”